Monday, 11 February 2013

The winds that wept.

The Autumn leaves have descended occupying the fields and concrete grounds,
like soldiers silently taking over a territory whose presence establish a season of change.
The brown tarnished bench near a leaf-less tree may seem empty but existing in its constant surroundings are winds that weep throughout every season of the year.

The winds that travel to all stretches of the earth witnessing infinite stories untold and experiencing historical events first hand,
the winds that observe humanity from a view other than our own, watching our stories like a live documented programme,
the winds that weep from loneliness are unable to grasp the idea of division amongst mankind for whom company has been fashioned from the rib of man.
‘I’m lonely, I’m lonely’ it cries unheard.
If we but knew the story of the winds that wept, we would open our eyes to a different world.
Our perception of unity would grow in the right direction and the bond between humanity would flourish.

From the perspective of the lonely winds that weep, our division is a crime;
the wind is more appreciative of God’s favours that we continue to dismiss.
Just like a street lamp that flickers, the little light of humanity left will one day come to a halt and expose darkness leaving us with no view-able road to tred.
‘Save yourselves, save yourselves’ it cries unheard.
And the winds will continue to weep so as long as our destructive forces rip apart humanity, so as long as our common practice involves hatred, and banishes love.

We clutch tightly to our coats and scarves creating a defensive shell from its desperate cry,
but in the bigger picture not even shields and weaponry would create for us a safeguard.
We are more fascinated by the forbidden apple than the beauty of the tree that we pick it from,
and just like the core of the apple, the core of humanity has become rotten and dark.
‘Look further, look further’ it cries unheard.
But we have become a nation who speak violence and listen to hatred, so the cries of the wind do not penetrate our cores.
It is our hearts that continue to be ignorant to direction and though our eye sight is flawless, we are forever blind.

And the winds continue to weep.

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