Wednesday, 3 April 2013

life lessons

Believing in divine decree makes it easier to accept your reality or those unfavorable situations that you are faced with because you understand it as Gods decision, however, we should remember that we have all been created as emotional beings and therefore it is natural to have an emotional reaction to these situations. On the other hand, we should also remember that from every situation there are vital life lessons to take with you. Maybe God has put you in a certain situation or allowed you to meet certain people because from both, though you may feel you gained only painful memories - you have also gained a number of lessons, whether you realise it or not.

From every hurtful situation you will escalate the ladder of wisdom, you will know how to act for next time if you're faced with a similar situation, you will understand how to shape and plan your life and you will adjust your views incorporating the fraction of wisdom you've gained previously. Sometimes you may regret a lot of your actions but really, if the situation has taught you lessons that can only be learnt first hand, then it was never a waste of time to begin with. You should feel privileged that by going through a unique situation, you will come out of it gaining a unique perspective and you will become wiser and stronger as a result.

Emotionally you may feel exhausted but your soul is strengthened through hardships, and what better of a result do you want. If our internal selves are strengthened through hardship, then it doesn't make sense to say that we have become bitter because of them. The most wise of us have gained their wisdom through tribulations because it is the trials you face that yield wisdom; would you rather face personal trouble and gain wisdom from it, or have it easy and limit yourself? We need to understand that we grow through calamity, we can develop both mentally and emotionally. Hardships are necessary.

You may feel that sometimes life has thrown too much at you or you have reached your absolute limit but God has given us His word; He will not give the human more than they can bear and we need to have full faith in His promise. What other promises could you rely on completely anyway? In fact this statement should prove to you your natural ability to endure trials because if you are faced with difficult situations then know that you are given these situations because you can handle them.

There are plenty of hardships you endure through life, and personally, what gives me comfort is knowing that any pain a believer experiences, ranging from a mental worry or something as small as a prick of a thorn will be acknowledged by God and written as a good deed. God does not give you bad unless He accompanies it with good, whether it's visible straight away or apparent in the next life.

What I hope you take away from reading this is if you're going through a hardship, a trial, a mental worry, stop viewing it so negatively. Is it really a negative thing or is it the way we view it that makes it so negative? We should re-evaluate how we categorise something to be good or bad; If a situation creates no benefit then I would personally categorise it as something disadvantageous but seeing as every hardship creates for you at least one advantage, you can not view it in the same way.
And lastly, to everyone out there, have patience. Verily, God is with those who are patient.