Sunday, 2 March 2014

What is happiness?

Our human mentality is that we always attribute happiness to worldly matters. For example, we think the minute we graduate and start our dream jobs, we’ll be happy. Or the minute we have full bank accounts to spend on things such as nice homes, a nice car, even a new wardrobe; we’ll be happy. Or the moment we finally find our soul mate and we are joined in matrimony; we’ll be happy.

But here’s a thought. There are some people with dream jobs, making more money than we could imagine, with beautiful homes, a new wardrobe every week and some even have the most amazing spouses, but they’re still unhappy. So then, why is it that we attribute our happiness to these things? We've all thought about it that way haven’t we, but has it ever really sunken in? ‘When I'm joined with my other half, I’ll be happy’ or ‘When I finish this long degree and start work, I’ll be happy’ the truth is these worldly matters DO NOT guarantee us happiness. Remember this – happiness comes from only Allah, all mighty and great is He. He can fulfill every single worldly desire you have, but if He doesn't give you happiness, nothing can.

We should scrap our current mentalities of attributing happiness to everything we wish to achieve in life, and adopt a new mentality where we are aware these worldly desires bring temporary happiness, but we need to remember more often ; that’s not true happiness. The only happiness we can ever experience is the happiness from Him (subhana wa ta’ala). So now that we've established that, here’s another thought; if you supplicate for these matters the most with the intention of earning happiness through THEM, are you then not wasting your Du’aas (supplications)? INSTEAD, supplicate to Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) to bring you contentment through knowing and being closer to Him and NOT to become attached to anything with the hope that it’ll bring you happiness, except Allah (azawajal).

If you take anything away from this piece, let it be this – do not conform to society’s image of happiness. If society was correct in portraying happiness the way it does –more people would actually be happy. But we find the opposite. Remember that chasing materialistic happiness is the same as chasing a mirage, you’ll never achieve it.

I’d like to end this short yet heartfelt piece with a quote that comes alive in my head when I discuss ‘happiness’ – whatever that means to you. It was narrated that the early Muslims would say:
“If the kings and sons of kings knew what joy we experience, they would fight us for it with their swords.”

What joy is this quote referring to? It is none other than drawing closer to your Lord, than knowing Him, than pleasing Him, than attaining His love, than worshipping Him sincerely, than having a heart full of faith in whatever is decreed by your Lord – I swear by Allah this is true happiness.

..and only a few know true happiness.